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Trident Guitars is a small shop dedicated to making excellent guitars. That concept is not new. There are several small shops making excellent guitars. Trident is different because we are not trying to make the exact same guitars that have been made since the 1950s. There's nothing wrong with those guitars but there's nothing new either. We also don't change the tried and true just for the sake of change.


Trident Guitars will use new designs. We use different woods or wood combinations. We use new pickup placements. We do this so that Trident guitars will not sound like Les Pauls or Strats or Teles. They still sound like great guitars. But they are for players who don't want to sound just like Page or Beck or Wylde or anybody else.


At Trident Guitars our mission is to build the best sounding, best playing, best looking guitars in the world.

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