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Trident Guitars has several standard options for body wood. More options will be added in the future and custom guitars are only limited to what I can get and what I can work with.


Railhammer pickups are standard on most of our guitars. Occasionally we will use GFS, Carvin, Seymour Duncan, Gibson, Mighty Mite and other high quality pickups. There are lots of great pickups out there and we can't carry them all. For that reason if you want Lace Sensor or Lindy Fralin or DiMarzio or any other pickups in your guitar send them to us and we'll be glad to use them in your guitar.

Body Finish

We finish our guitars with Polyurethane. Using a proprietary process to color the oil, we produce a beautiful strong finish that allows the wood's natural resonance to come through.

Neck Finish

Our necks are finished using Polyurethane. Polyurethane produces a beautiful and strong finish that allows the wood's natural resonance to come through. Polyurethane will not become sticky like lacquer sometimes can and is therefore ideal for necks. Our necks have a fast satin/woody feel.
Trident Guitars uses only high quality hardware. We use a variety of manufacturers so listing them all would be impractical. If you have to have Grover tuners let us know and we'll do what we can to get you what you want. We don't want to send you a guitar that you immediately have to change.
Starting with instruments built in 2012 Trident Guitars will use only CTS Potentiometers and Sprague Orange Drop Tone Capacitors for reliable precision performance. We also use only Switchcraft outbout jacks and Mighty Mite Toggle switches. (but we've always used those...)
Trident Guitars has teamed up with GHS Strings. Our guitars are strung exclusively with GHS Boomers for awesome tone and long life.

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